Demogaphy of Africa

Africa Population Children

There’s A Strong Chance A Third Of All People On Earth Will Be African By 2100

“The population of Africa is increasing because births outnumber deaths four to one. While African mortality is the highest in the world, it has decreased in recent decades, following a pattern already observed on other continents. Fertility has also declined. African women have 4.5 children on average – as opposed to 6.5 forty years ago and 5.5 twenty years ago. Here too, the same trend has been established on other continents. Women in Asia have just 2.1 children on average, in Latin America 2.0 children, in North America 1.9 and in Europe 1.6. This combination of declining mortality and relatively high fertility is the driver of rapid population growth in Africa”


2 thoughts on “Demogaphy of Africa

  1. Judith Moore says:

    This may be part of what’s driving white nationalism, anti-immigration fever, and anti- contraception fever in the US and Europe.

    • Could well be. The Africans may represent the peoples of the lesser developed regions of the South to the Europeans and Americans, with a strong measure of racial prejudice added in the case of their views of Africans.

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