Taking Control of Your Participation in the Ethnosphere – But Can You, Really?

Free-Will & Willpower Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past. Here’s What You Can Do About It. – Benjamin P. Hardy

“Although people instinctively believe they are making their own choices, in today’s trigger-laden environment, the opposite is more true.

Most people are not making their own choices. They are unconsciously and reactively operating in a world that was creating for them, not in a world that was created by them.”

“Although most people are unconsciously losing their free-will, there has never actually been a more liberating time in human history to live, to thrive, and to experience freedom.

But the only way to thrive is by consciously designing your environment.

There’s really no other way.

The opposite approach is attempting to overcome your environment through grit and willpower.

Again, this doesn’t work anymore. Perhaps it worked in previous eras, where the external environment was not so intrusive, addictive, and constant.

But the truth is, your environment is no longer static and passive. Rather, it is aggressively seeking to influence, persuade, and even sell you stuff. And it’s doing its job very, very well.

You have a digital identity that knows your behaviors and habits more than you do. Technology allows markets to put exactly what you want right in your face non-stop.

Consequently, you must create and control your environment. Cryptocurrency will help with that in the near future. Soon, you’ll be able to completely block out people and media you don’t want.

But until then, you’re going to need to become proactive and aggressive about blocking stuff out.

You’ll need to create systems to avoid addiction, distraction, and self-sabotage.”

“All you need to do is shape the environment that organically supports desired behaviors, goals, and values.

Your ability to create conditions that make success happen is essential to your success.

It’s essential to your very free-will. Because unless you create an environment that allows you to act, you will be an unconscious object which is acted upon.

Free-will is not a zero-sum game. “Free will” actually doesn’t exist. Instead, all of us have a contextual agency — our ability to act in desired ways is based on our context.

But who creates that context?

For most people, someone or something else.

For you? Well, that’s your choice.

If you take control of your environment, you can overcome addiction. You can outsource desired behavior to a congruent and empowering environment. You don’t need to tax your willpower — only to adjust your environment when you’re triggered to self-destruct.”
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